Extreme Emotions!

Extreme Emotions

Every individual has a different emotional footprint. Our emotions reflect our passion towards any subject. Some people are extremely and overtly emotional – in the sense – they endure and express their emotions with a higher amplitude than others. Such people will have a significantly harder time in their relationships, and in dealing with breakups. In this article, I will highlight the most common reasons that lead to an individual having / exhibiting extreme emotions.


If you exhibit an extremely emotional nature in your relationships, there is a very high likelihood, that this trait can be attributed to your childhood & the nature of your parents. If a person is exposed to extremely controlling behaviour from their parents, if they are not allowed to express their emotions freely during their formative years, they are prone to developing an extremely emotional nature.


Culture is the second biggest influence, after parenting, on how we feel and express our emotions. Some might even argue that it is the biggest influence, since parenting is also significantly affected by culture. Either ways, we know that some cultures encourage an overtly dramatic expression, while others subdue our default expression. My impression is that Southern Europeans, Latinos, Indians are overtly dramatic and expressive. While Scandinavians, East Asians are more subtle in their expressions. Let me know in the comments if you disagree, or if you have any particular experiences to share.

Media Consumption

Most media provides a dramatized view of the facts. They do it in order to increase their sales. Drama is entertaining and grabs our attention. But at the same time, it influences our behaviour. Especially, if you consume a disproportionately high amount of dramatized media, your view of the reality gets dramatized. You may exhibit a high emotional amplitude even for a relatively low magnitude of feeling.

Relationships & Extreme Emotions

One of the critical and essential qualities in a leader is one’s control of their emotions.It is not that leaders do not have emotional problems in their life. Neither is it that they do not have emotional ups & downs. They possess & exhibit a better control over their emotions. This helps significantly in the decision making process.

Extreme Emotions vs Deep Feelings

Most people who exhibit extremely emotional behaviour think of themselves as possessing deep feelings. The truth is that these two are not necessarily congruent or correlated. Extreme emotions are a reflection of one’s lack of control of energy or passion in a relationship, while deep feelings are a result of shared time & shared values in the relationship. For a more elaborate discussion on this, please see my article on Emotions vs Feelings.

If you are looking to have better relationships, one of the keys is to prevent extreme emotions. Extreme emotions can take over your judgement capability, and have you make impulsive decisions.