Heartbreak – Everyone goes through it

Most Common Suffering

It is true that a heartbreak is the most common suffering. A heartbreak is just the other essential side of love. Just like love, it is an essential part of life. It could be said that if you never experienced a broken heart, you probably have never loved. There is no love, without heartbreak. Everything in life, including the people we love, are transient. They come and go. Some leave us due to death, others leave us on their own volition.

People usually find it easier to come to terms with death, rather than voluntary separation. This is the main cause of much pain & suffering. In this article I will focus on heartbreak due to love lost i.e. separation from a partner due to breakup or divorce.

If you are going through a breakup or divorce, the first thing I want you to know is that you are not alone. And you can, and you will overcome it. I have, and so have many others.

Extreme Emotions & Co-dependence

A heartbreak is one of the most, if not the most, painful experiences in a person’s life. But not everyone suffers equally. Some of us suffer more than others. Some of us are prone to extreme emotions. And some of us have co-dependence issues. And these two characteristics can amplify the suffering due to a breakup.

If you are an extremely emotional person, i.e. if you are experiencing severe pain or heartache, that it is getting difficult for you to function, please read my article on Extreme Emotions.

The fact is – it is not possible to overcome these issues by reading a book or watching youtube videos. Emotional growth happens through our experiences. It is for this reason I have created the Self Discovery Retreat.

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