The Coaching Program

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Program Overview

The Together & Better Coaching program for Heartbreak & Emotional Loss is the most comprehensive and most effective program to get over your emotional trauma, and to move past any repetitive destructive patterns in relationships.

Long Term Focus
This is not a short term quick fix patch comprising of gimmicks or a bag of tricks. It is for people looking to truly rediscover themselves and reinvent their approach to relationships.

The program requires a minimum commitment of three months.

Customized to an Individuals Needs & Situation
While the basic support structure & product offer of the Coaching program is standardized, the overall program itself is customized based on your requirements and your situation.
As an example, I recommend once a week coaching sessions during the program, but if you need additional support, it is available. Also, due to multiple components in the program mix, you can personalize your support system based on your budget & schedule.

Learning Method

Getting over a breakup & bringing about an emotional change is a process that requires unlearning certain behaviours and learning new ones. I use a combination of the most effective learning techniques – including One-on-One Sessions, Group Sessions, Webinars & Retreats – to help you break the cycle of unfulfilling relationships.

For your reference here is the Learning Pyramid as outlined by the National Training Laboratory.

The different Paradigms to Self Improvement

There are many approaches to self improvement. Here I have listed two of the most common approaches publicized over the past twenty years, followed by my personal approach that I advocate in my retreats.

The personality Paradigm

This approach basically guides you towards creating a great personality in order to achieve your goals. However, the two main shortcomings of this approach are the facts that your personality is highly dependent on the genetics. And secondly your personality creates a higher focus on the outside rather than the inside.

The character paradigm

The character Paradigm was an improvement over the personality approach, because it focused more on development of the character rather than the personality. However the flaw that I have noticed in this approach is that a big part of the person’s character is determined by their upbringing.

The formation of your personality & your character is very highly influenced by nature & nurture respectively. During adulthood, when you are actually in a position to take control of your actions a large part of your personality & character are already defined. You can only put on minor refinements to these two attributes.

The Choices paradigm – Actions and people

In order to come up with a more effective approach to self improvement, I had to shift my focus away from the previously established methods & start with a clean slate.

There is only one resource that you have in life, and that this time. And there are only two kinds of choices that you get to make with respect to your time – what actions are you going to choose to do or not do, and who are you going to do it with.
That is, you only get to choose your actions, and the people you get involved. There are no other choices provided to you in your life. And therefore you should only focus on these two choices.

The personality paradigm focuses on image management. The character paradigm is built on decisions. However, we are not an image, & life is not a collection of decisions. Life is a sequence of choices. At any given time, we have the choices to stick with or to change our decisions.

This approach – The Choices Paradigm – is the foundation for my coaching programs & retreats.

Program Components

One on One Coaching Sessions
You will receive individualized one-on-one coaching sessions as per your needs from someone who has been through the same emotional challenges as yourself.
Peer group Webinars
I host peer group seminars in which people from different cultural backgrounds share their perspective on a given issues, which helps us broaden each others perspective.
Buddy Support
You are provided choices for selecting a buddy/friend who will work with you and will be able to provide you unconditional support.
We offer guidance on writing a journal to help you overcome your challenges, learn from them and outgrow them in the long run. This prevents you from receding into repetitive pattern of undesired behaviour.
Discounts on Retreats
As a Coaching Client, you have access to the self discovery retreat. The retreat is not open to everyone. You are also eligible for special discount pricing on the retreats.